Who should come: If you love nature and want the delight of riding a Segway PT over a variety of trail terrain; our tours are for you! Riding a Segway PT is a blast. Our tours are nature-focused; for the enjoyment and safety of everyone, aggressive riding is not permitted on our tours. 
No special skills required, it is fun & easy to learn!  Riders must be able to climb and descend a 9 inch platform without the use of a handrail. Most importantly, riders need to relax and enjoy. Our extensive experience with the Off Road X2 Segway model ensures that almost everyone becomes 'One With the Segway'. 

We aim for a maximum 6 riders per tour. All riders must sign a release of liability waiver - under 19 yrs  need a parent or guardian to sign also. Our training demonstration is thorough and easy to understand. A sample of a training video from the official Segway site can be found here.
Age and weight guidelines: 

Ages 14 + for the 2 hour at Roderick Haig Brown Park.  Weight: 90 lbs to 260 lbs max.
Ages 12 + ; 75 lbs min for the one hour at Shuswap Lake Park.
*Ages 10 +; 75 lbs min; We can modify the one hour session at Shuswap Lake Park.
A note on kids: Sometimes we can do the 1.5 hour tour at Roderick Haig-Brown Park with ages 12 years and up, providing they weigh 90 lbs, are adept at some type of outdoor activity such as bicycle riding, and understand that all tours are calm and peaceful. Safety first. No goofing around :)
What to bring: 
This is an off road tour. You must wear secure flat closed toe shoes such as running shoes or light hikers, No sandals or floppy footwear permitted. Helmets are provided  and must be worn. Small pocket cameras only. Best without a backpack; small  lightweight backpacks are ok; no hanging purses. If you have medication such as an asthma puffer or epi pen - please bring it with you!
Cancellations: If you need to cancel please give as much notice as possible. If it is very stormy, we may be able to reschedule.                   Contact Us             Tour Info

Shuswap Lake Park

Segway Sampler (1 Hour)

BC's most popular beach campground. 80% paved

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Tsutswecw Park (Roderick Haig-Brown)  2 Hour

Explore this national treasure. 95% forest trails

​Off Road Segway Tours

Shuswap Unique Adventure Tours  Est 2011

North Shuswap, British Columbia, Canada