Roderick Haig-Brown Park has a wide diversity of trees and plants; many with uses developed by the local indigenous people. The bark of this  high-bush cranberry can be used for treating coughs. The heart leaved arnica below is used for cuts and bruises, and is thought to be a love charm.

​Shuswap Unique Adventure Tours

North Shuswap, British Columbia, Canada




Our signature tour!  This national treasure and top ranking conservation area is home to the world famous Adams River Sockeye Salmon spawning grounds. 95% forest trails; 5% paved.
The most popular is the 2 hour tour, which allows for a full circle loop.

2 hrs including orientation:  $98 each incl gst , snack and juice provided

Need a shorter tour? If available, we can do a modified loop in a 1.5 hour tour: $83 each incl gst.

WHEN:​10:00 a.m.   and 12:30 p.m.

WHO: 14 years and up. 90 to 260 lbs.

​A note on kids: Sometimes we can do the 1.5 hour tour at Roderick Haig Brown Park with ages 12 years and up, PROVIDING they weigh 90 lbs, are adept at some type of outdoor activity such as bicycle riding, and understand that all tours are calm and peaceful. Safety first. No goofing around (:

We also have a longer 3 hour excursion: $158 incl gst  Includes riverside picnic lunch; this tour is more technical, with skill building practice; best suited for return riders; Usual departure 9 am.

WHERE: Roderick Haig Brown Park, 2300 Squilax Anglemont Rd, Lee Creek;  SEE MAP    Please park in the right side parking area, unless you have an RV or a trailer.

After orientation we explore the peaceful and lush trails through the diverse riparian zone (the valuable land beside a waterway). The foliage is rich, the side channels busy with waterfowl & beaver. We cross bridge walkways and cruise along, losing ourselves in the peace and beauty of nature. We may see deer, coyotes or bears (they are very shy in the park). We make stops along the river, at a hidden beach, or among the tall cedars and cottonwoods. All this with the added thrill of riding your own Segway PT.  We operate this tour under a Park Use Permit issued by BC Parks. We are true advocates for the preservation of this remarkable area. We strive to tread lightly and pride ourselves in providing interesting facts about the salmon migration, indigenous uses of certain plants, and the history of the region. Why not bring a picnic for after the trip and continue to enjoy the park at your leisure.    RESERVATIONS

We Proudly Support the Adams River Salmon Society

Our Segway Sampler tour. Sample a Segway PT while gliding through 149 hectares of canopy forest campground & alongside 1 km of sunny Shuswap beach trail. 80% paved trails and roadways; 20% gravel pathways. We operate under a permit from BC Parks. On summer days bring your swimsuit and a picnic for after the trip. Shuswap Lake can reach 24C...perfect. 
1 hour tour including orientation;  $65 incl gst

WHEN: 10:00 a.m. 

WHERE: Meet at the day use beach parking area .

WHO: 12 years and up 75 to 260 lbs

This 1 hour session can be modified for ages 10+; 75 lbs minimum
Shuswap Lake Park, Scotch Creek.